H.E. Ms Sania A Ansari had an honour to contribute to this amazing book called, “The Vision Code” by Dr. Oleg Konovalov
This book is a challenging journey deep into something not explored before.
For many years Dr Konovalov was looking for answers to seemingly simple but important questions:
What is a vision – a gift or something else? How to create a vision and turn it into reality? Where and why execution loses alignment with a vision? How world-class visionaries think? How to make a vision accessible to many?
The Vision Code explores the concept of vision and answers these and many more questions.
Most importantly, the book presents vision as a practical business tool.
Dr. Oleg Konovalov is grateful to the most brilliant global thinkers and visionaries for helping finding answers to these and many other questions.
Looking forward to the release of the book in January 2021.