Today’s greetings are coming from Her Excellency Sania Ansari. Sania is born in #Pakistan and works for the leader’s office of the presidential family in Abu Dhabi UAE as a Managing Director. She lives in Canada and in Pakistan and in UAE – and travels the world as a modern Muslim woman and is a dear new friend of mine, we stand together for peace and tolerance and represent the URGC Canada URGC Green which is the UNITED REFUGEE GREEN COUNCIL as HONORABLE AMBASSADORS.

“Thanks for being a Global Tolerance Face 2017 dear Sania! great to have you with us on our next mission .. bringing global tolerance between nations and religions and all ethnic backgrounds as ONE HUMAN FAMILY on ONE PLANET.” – Madame Sabine Balve

Dubai on the way to World Expo2020 …
BE A GLOBAL TOLERANCE FACE 2017 !!! YOU all matter to us! Submit your SELFIE with the Victory Tolerance Symbol (2 Fingers up) and tell us your story, where you are from and where you live .. your nationality or send us just your greetings from your home country/city – thanks so much!

#YearOfGiving #Happiness #Humanity #WeAreONE #Human #Family — celebrating Global Tolerance Faces 2017 with Sania A Ansari in Canada.